Can You Identify These Grumpy Animals?

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Question 1 of 17.

Do you know who this grumpy cutie is?

1. Raccoon
2. Mouse
3. Porcupine
4. Panda

This is a Raccoon! These animals are incredibly intelligent and are well-adapted to eat almost anything!

Question 2 of 17.

I know you can name this cute furry friend!

1. Chipmunk
2. Lynx
3. Groundhog
4. Squirrel

This is a Squirrel! Did you know that their front teeth never stop growing?

Question 3 of 17.

Are you able to identify this cranky creature?

1. Moose
2. Caribou
3. Deer
4. Elk

This is a Deer! Did you know that only males have antlers, and that they fall off and regrow each year?

Question 4 of 17.

Can you identify this tiny grump?

1. Chameleon
2. Iguana
3. Gecko
4. Frog

This is an African Rain Frog! They puff up and enlarge their bodies when they feel threatened!

Question 5 of 17.

Can you guess who this animal is?

1. Owl
2. Ostrich
3. Hawk
4. Penguin

This is an Owl! These birds are nocturnal and typically avoid interactions with humans!

Question 6 of 17.

Do you know who this grumpy face belongs to?

1. Panda
2. Orangtuan
3. Black Bear
4. Gorilla

This is a Gorilla, the closest living relative to humans!

Question 7 of 17.

Can you identify this sweet grouchy face?

This is an Otter! These animals are able to swim as early as 2 months old and hold hands when floating so they don't drift away from each other!

Question 8 of 17.

Do you know who this spikey creature is?

1. Hedgehog
2. Porcupine
3. Raccoon
4. Groundhog

This is a Hedgehog! These animals are nocturnal, lactose intolerant, and have the ability to hibernate!

Question 9 of 17.

Can you name this fuzzy grouch?

1. Mole
2. Groundhog
3. Squirrel
4. Rabbit

This is a Rabbit! These intelligent animals have teeth that never stop growing and have very good memories!

Question 10 of 17.

What about this grump?

1. Walrus
2. Seal
3. Sea Otter
4. Hippo

This is a Seal! Seals can sleep underwater, and are able to hold their breath for hours at a time!

Question 11 of 17.

Can you name this grumpy marsupial?

1. Panda
2. Raccoon
3. Polar Bear
4. Koala

This is a Koala Bear! These marsupials are only found in Australia and can eat up to 2.5 pounds of food per day!

Question 12 of 17.

What about this angry face?

1. Turtle
2. Frog
3. Galapagos Land Iguana
4. Jellyfish

This is a Sea Turtle! They live for 100 years and can hold their breath underwater for up to 5 hours!

Question 13 of 17.

Do you know who this fluffy friend is?

1. Polar Bear
2. Koala Bear
3. Raccoon
4. Panda

This is a Panda! These animals are great climbers who spend most of their day chomping on bamboo!

Question 14 of 17.

Any idea who this cutie is?

1. Chick
2. Goldfish
3. Crow
4. Cardinal

This is a baby Chicken, called a Chick! They can recognize each other, and develop object permeance at 2 days old!

Question 15 of 17.

Any idea who this grouch is?

1. Raccoon
2. Fox
3. Wolf
4. Coyote

This is a Fox! These animals are nocturnal, solitary, and can make over 40 different sounds!

Question 16 of 17.

Can you identify this fluffy ground?

1. Lynx
2. Llama
3. Shetland Pony
4. Alpaca

This is an Alpaca! These animals are vegetarian and live for up to 20 years!

Question 17 of 17.

I hope you can name this grumpy guy!

1. Chameleon
2. Gecko
3. Iguana
4. Bearded Dragon

This is a Chameleon! Unlike most lizards, they can't regrow their tails!

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Can You Identify These Grumpy Animals?

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