Who Else Would Love To Cuddle Baby Goats?

What originally started off as a paid position was filled really quickly. They are still looking for volunteers to snuggle and cuddle with these baby goats. Here’s what started it…bgirl

“Not only is baby goat cuddling an actual, legit job, but THEY’RE HIRING. Caromont Farm in Esmont, Virgninia, is looking for an “assistant goat herds(wo)man in training.” And guys, there’s no actual goat experience required. You just need to be a goat lover. (Along with being able to lift 50 pounds and a few other minor things)”

“Oddly enough, the application states that being a Spanish speaker is a plus. Bilingual baby goats? All of the sí!”goatsnuggle2

“In all seriousness, the job listing is for an internship which includes on-farm housing, weekly pay and a kitchen full of locally grown food. Oh, and did we mention baby goats? 120 of them or so. If this sounds like heaven, visit Caromont Farms on the web.”

Update: the position was filled. So they posted looking for volunteers. Apparently baby goats need to be fed 4 times a day! They were swamped with applicationsgoatsnuggle1

Too cute!

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