Who Knew Kittens and Skunks Made Such Good Friends? | Too Cute!

Their hobbies include climbing and hugging


  1. That skunk wants nothing to do with the cats – he’s not having trouble with
    his claws, he’s being pushed by a person behind the door – you can see he’s
    struggling to try to back up but being held in place! I have a feeling he
    didn’t climb that cat tower himself either- more like lifted up and left to
    dangle there so it looked like he climbed up himself. So fake, poor skunk!

    • +Courtney McFarland I agree, conveniently behind a door? why is it when the
      “skunk” is trying to do something we can’t ever see it’s hind legs? cuz
      someone is holding them?

    • +Courtney McFarland Saw and thought the exact same thing, Courtney!
      Poor little skunk.

    • +Courtney McFarland how staged was that.i think without the staged cute
      shots the skunks and cats would do fine.

  2. This would be so much better without the dumb narration. Reality TV ideals
    even ruin something as awesome as cute kittens.

  3. The reason this show needs to go is the rightful negativity around people
    behind the camera that FORCE on these situations. Skunk could easily walk
    on the wood, wanted to avoid kittens while a human was pushing it in the
    room and lifted the skunk up on the scratching post. This show is cute to
    the blind but saddening to those who have just a bit of intelligence.
    Hopefully the staff on this show NEVER work around animals or pets. Stop
    advertising animal cruelty in the open! I do not support PETA.

    • I rarely respond to comments that concern of the comment I made but the
      reasoning discussed above is clear as day. I am not an idiot and blind
      people do not have a right to call others “idiots” and expect a defensive
      force. If you want to go ahead and support animal abuse, that is your
      choice. I and most with a bit of intelligence feel obligated to speak up
      about problems that the blind shouldn’t be supporting. The simple reveal I
      made of the working force behind this “cruel” [at times] show and getting a
      response back like that is very disappointing and saddening. | This
      response is directed to the above comment by “Matthew Sowder” stating to me
      “You’re a ******* idiot”. This subject in no way should continue and I
      personally suggest quiet.

    • I said my piece and I defended myself. We have the right to speech, to
      defend, and to go on the offensive on whatever subject. As you requested “I
      ask you that you respond to this response in a way that is appolagetic”…
      I sincerely apologize. I believe the length of my comment and my defense
      comment were too long and intense – for both parties. I will ensure this
      does not happen again and keep my comments short. In fact, I am already
      learning my way by revising this comment over and over. Once again, I am
      sorry. My comment was too long, intense, and my response wasn’t as well as

  4. If you can get You Tube to get ride of that 30 second unskippable advert
    I’ll view your video and add a like.

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