Cute animal – Baby monkey

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  1. Could you please tell me why you decided to call this video poor baby

    • +j flanno He does not have a surgery scar on his lower body and his hair
      has not been shaved off. Those lines you are seeing on his skin are blood
      vessels and the reason he has no hair is because mom (and sisters) have
      been grooming the heck out of him..they sometimes overgroom themselves and
      each other causing a loss of is NOT because most of them are
      old…I seriously doubt they have spider mites…it is extremely common for
      macaques to have some degree of hair loss and it can be due to a thousand
      different reasons…but this particular matriline tends to way overgroom
      each runs in the family as you can see. ..and for whomever made
      the comment that his is not his mother that is holding him and that is why
      he is trying to run away..this is absolutely not true…I have seen him
      with this mother since the day of his birth…

    • +Jax LLJ no he was not born like that…I can show you videos of him on his
      day of birth and then several days old and he has his hair..he was NOT born
      like that..sorry.

    • +Andreia Sanches What do you mean by maternity videos? Videos of them
      actually having babies? I am curious…

  2. This was published in May and that didnt seem right to me because I was
    pretty sure that this baby was born and would be this age at a different
    time of year…and does that look like snow that is falling sometimes in
    this video to anyone?

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