Depressed Photographer Gets A Present That Changes His Life

Christopher Cline is a talented photographed and graphic artist. He moved from Virginia to Minnesota and found himself slipping into a state of depression. His girlfriend asked him if he thought a dog might brighten his day. juji2

He said “No!”  She said, “Are you sure?” He said he didn’t want a dog!


She ignored him and Juji entered the relationship.


So what does a talented photographer and Photoshop user do with his new pet? His love for this dog becomes his next project. A complete book.juji5


He wanted to have a book children could enjoy. So he turned Juji into a giant dog and started snapping photos and creating amazing images!




The photo-manipulation of the pics is amazing. And the bond between a man and his dog is evident. Thanks to this Goldendoodle Christopher isn’t even closed to depressed anymore.  juji3



I’m sure there will be many follow up books to this first one. And maybe Christoper will get a cute baby goat for Christmas?

Image Credit: Christopher Cline / Instagram
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