Cat Wants To Live In Supermarket

There’s a cat that really, really likes living in a supermarket. Since last November he has been escorted out of the story almost daily. Only to return when the staff isn’t looking, and find himself a nice peaceful place on a shelf.  The story has spread and he’s become a celebrity.  Business at the store has increased as a result of people coming into to see if the cat is there.


“He lives in the house next door and he’s in here every day, all the time,” a Sainsbury’s spokesperson told The Telegraph. “He’s not allowed to be here.”

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To local residents, however, he’s just the friendly neighborhood unauthorized shop cat.


“He was flat out on the mat yesterday by the door under the heated fans,” wrote one Sainsbury’s customer on Facebook. “Everyone was stopping to give him a tickle.”


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Looks like the cat will be looking after the store and making himself comfortable for years to come. Good on him!

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