Carry Your Pet In Your Hoodie Kangaroo Pouch

A great way to carry around a smaller pet, and make them feel secure. It also brings pet and owner closer together.

The latest trend in pet clothing for humans. A sweatshirt with a pouch design to hold you pet. Brilliant!


“Pet owners will do anything to get closer and closer to their furry friend.  You’ve seen dogs in strollers or cats in purses, but a new product called the Mewgaroo, from Unihabit, takes it one step further.

The Mewgaroo is a hoodie sweatshirt with a pouch that’s large enough to hold your little dog or cat.  It has an animal-like design including paws on the sleeves and pointy ears on the hood.

It’s basically a built-in swaddler for your pet to keep him or her cozy and warm, just how a kangaroo keeps its baby. Gotta have it? It retails for $59.00


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I love this, think I’ll get one.

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