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    9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sloths

    Let’s face it. Sloths have become cool. Some Hollywood celebrities are totally enchanted by them. If you’ve even seen the episode of Ellen with Kristen Bell you’ll see just how smitten some people are with sloths. Sloths Have The Camoflauge Thing Down! A level of camouflage for the sloth is the coating of algae which it […] More

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    4 Day Old Goat Meets 4 Month Old Golden

    Bud is an excitable 4 month old Golden Retriever. Zoomer is a 4 day old crazy baby goat. Zoomer was still too small to go outside during the night so his humans let him stay inside, with the puppy. It will be friendship that last a long time after this first encounter. Priceless!  curated from […] More

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    One Day Old Baby Otter Falls Asleep On Moms Belly

    Photographer Connie Levenhagen captured this moment as a mom cuddled and soothed her one day old baby in a pool just outside the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. Could there be anything cuter? photo credits: Tyson V. Rininger “This baby sea otter was born in the ‘Great Tide Pool’ at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on 12/20/15,” said […] More