Dog Adopts and Protects Abandoned Kitten

Dog Plays with Roosters:
(08-05-13)My brother's dog adopts and takes care of a kitten abandoned by its mother.
the original description i wrote for the video about 2 years ago was deleted, i dont remember exactly what i had wrote but ill try to summarize the story as best as possible. I may keep updating in the future to answer any question people may have. But continuing on I hope everyone enjoys the video. Thank you for watching and if you like it please share 🙂
He is very protective of it and would bark if anything came close to is.
I just wanted to share this loving moment this loving moment of animals that would normally not be seen together.
This was the first time my brother's dog saw the cat.
We had just found the kitten and immediately my dog just started taking care of it as best as possible. We liked the kitten so much we just named it Kitty x]

To those who may have said I didnt care for the kitten I did! This was a few years back when I was younger, recorded around 2009, I was 15, as you can see, there are breaks in the video, I cut the videos at times to take care of the kitten, feed it and make it shelter.
It would spend it's nights with the dog and sleep with him.
Unfortunately like my roosters that can be seen in my other videos that played with my dog, I was unable to keep Kitty and had to give the kitten away.
I no longer know any information about the kitten but if I could I would reunite the kitten with my dog. The kitten was alive and well last I saw of it and I hope it is still the same.
If you have any questions feel free to let me know.
Enjoy the video and have a nice day :]

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